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A Fangirl's Top 10: Best TV Bromances

Welcome to my 100th post!

I wanted to make sure it was a good one, and I have been thinking about this particular Top 10 list for quite a few weeks. The term "bromance" has become more and more important in fandom, even more so than a real couple. Maybe it's because we have become bored with the typical love story. Whatever it is, these ten legendary bromances are more loved than most couples. At least by some.

So let's begin.

10. Steve and Danny

I know I wasn't the only one worried that a remake of "Hawaii Five-0" would be corny. However, the only thing that kept me hopeful are the science fiction actors that I have loved for many years. Then, all it took was one episode for me to completely fall for this series, all because of the chemistry between actors Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. Their new and updated versions of the beloved characters Steve and Danny are possibly the two most entertaining detectives I have ever watched on television. From their first scene together, their bromance instantly went to legendary status. I will definitely look forward to watching these two for many seasons to come.

9. Damon and Alaric

Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman are definitely two characters in "The Vampire Diaries" that you would NEVER expect to bond. After all, Alaric arrived in Mystic Falls prepared to kill Damon over revenge for his wife. Yet, even after Damon killed the vampire hunter (who only survived because of his magic ring), they were forced together to save Stefan, and became a killer team. The fans went wild ever since last season's "Let the Right One In", and have demanded more and more Dalaric, the name fans officially gave the pair, ever since. What makes them such a perfect team? Well, with a great mix of sarcasm and ass kicking, not only to do they push each other's buttons constantly, but Alaric seems to be the only one that knows how to hit Damon back. Plus, actors Ian Somerhalder and Matt Davis just seem to have a little too much fun with it.

8. Crichton and D'Argo

Its been many years since "Farscape" has been on, and even still, most science fiction fans have never heard of it. However, as the years go by the fan base does grow bigger, with the release of the comic books from IDW, and the fact that a complete series DVD set has finally been released. I was even surprised to see the season DVDs on sale at Walmart last week. If are aren't familiar with the series, trust me, buy the DVDs. Because the bromance between John Crichton and D'Argo is one of the things that makes it all worth it. Between some of the wittiest dialogue I have ever heard and two great performances thanks to Ben Browder and Anthony Simcoe, it's one of the most memorable relationships in science fiction television. And honestly, what other series can give you a friendship like this between a runaway alien convict and a lost astronaut? That's right, none. So do yourself a favor, and go discover one of the greatest science fiction series ever created.

7. Dean and Castiel

One of the most amusing two characters I have ever had the pleasure of watching. One womanizing human and one angel whose people skills are little to none can make any conversation interesting. One of the best written shows on television, the writers of "Supernatural" are infamous for giving in to fandom. So it's no surprise that as the series moves ahead, more and more Dean and Castiel scenes that we have always dreamed of, are actually getting written into the series. And it's obvious that actors Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins have too much fun with their dialogue. Not only is their relationship amusing to watch, because who could ever forget when Dean took Cas to a brothel, but it also can drive you to tears. One of the most memorable moments of the series for me is in the season four finale, when Dean was begging Castiel to help him save Sam. Although the "Supernatural" fandom can take male relationships to the next level (Haven't you heard of Wincest by now?), the writers always know how to give us what we want.

6. Hiro and Ando

Every fan has their own opinion as to whether or not "Heroes" tanked after the masterpiece that was season one. However, if there is one thing we can all agree on, it's that we could never get enough of Hiro and Ando. Maybe it's because they represent the reality between a typical obsessed geek and his normal friend. Maybe it's their hero and sidekick dichotomy. Or maybe it's just because none of us will ever be able to forget "Yatta!" With the constant appearance of legendary science fiction dialogue between them, there is no one moment Hiro and Ando are on screen that isn't entertaining. It's every nerd's dream to wake up realizing they have a super power, and it's the story of these two characters that has made those dreams canon.

5. Charlie, Hugo, Jin, and Sawyer

I don't know about the rest of you, but I still think that "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" is the funniest episode out of all six seasons of "LOST". Before this episode, the only two that had any kind of bond were Charlie and Hugo. But throw in ex-con man Sawyer, and Korean-speaking Jin, and now you have a party. Hugo recruits the other three to help him fix the Dharma van that he found in the jungle and prove that he can have good luck after all. Drinking thirty year old beer, Sawyer teaches Jin a little english, and Charlie joins in for a little moral support. These four are the definition of a misfit group, and yet somehow, they get that thirty year old van to run. It may have been a small miracle, yet getting that van working was a big victory for everyone, and I think give the survivors just that little extra bit of hope. For the rest of the series, the bond between them remains strong and memorable.

4. John Sheppard and Rodney McKay

What can I say about these two that has not already been said? One of the ways "Stargate: Atlantis" won its way into fans hearts so fast is because of the John and Rodney bromance. Just put together one egotistical know-it-all and one rule breaking pilot, and you make science fiction history. One of my favorite series of all time, these two are the reason I loved this spin off even more than the original, and the main reason I truly mourned the cancellation. Over the years, these two were the reason Atlantis was able to survive the odds against the Wraith and the Replicators with their out of the box thinking. I have always had the opportunity to meet both of these actors, Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett, and trust me my friends, they are more like John and Rodney then you could even believe, which makes their bromance all the more legendary.

3. Angel and Spike

Any Whedonist will tell you that Season 5 is by far the best of "Angel" for many reasons. But mostly, because Spike came over after the end of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and joined all the madness. From the very beginning, we all know that there are no other characters that hate each other more than Angel and Spike. Yet somehow, the two worst vampires on record, found a way to make one kick ass team. Joining the team as a ghost, Spike spends the first half of the season on a mission to taunt and annoy Angel every second for the rest of eternity. Then, once Spike gets his real body back, the atmosphere changes. Although, there is still plenty of spits and spats, Spike finds his own spot on the team. With two amazing actors, David Boreanaz and James Marsters, two of the greatest characters and dialogue ever written, any scene with both of these vampires is gold. I mean honestly, who can forget the caveman vs. astronaut argument?

2. Jack O'niell and Daniel Jackson

I know I said "Stargate: Atlantis" is my favorite of the two series, however, these are the two men that started it all. And, I think it's the fact that they always sound like an old married couple that has them at the #2 spot on my list. I watched "Stargate" since the beginning. Yes, that includes the movie. Although they seem to be at odds most of the time, the bond between these two men is deeper than almost any two characters ever created. The moments between them reach every emotion imaginable, and lengths they would go for each other are endless. Actors Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks themselves have said to fans how important it is to them that this relationship remain as close and deep as it is. To the fans, there is nothing more sacred than bromance between them, and to break it, would be heresy.

1. Dean and Sam Winchester

I may be breaking the rules considering Dean and Sam are real brothers, but I don't care. Sue me. In all my years of being an obsessed fan, there is no closer bond or relationship between two men than Dean and Sam Winchester on "Supernatural". Their brotherhood is so strong in fact, that its got them into trouble more than once. The fact that actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are like brothers themselves, makes it all the more real. There is no other two characters that have sacrificed themselves for each other more then these two. Dean sold his soul to Hell for his little brother. Sam condemned himself to an eternity in Hell possessed by Lucifer so Dean could survive. What can be more legendary then that? One filled with sarcasm, the other full of puppy dog smiles. One the textbook womanizer, the other modest, shy and lonely. These truly are two halves of a whole. Although the fans may sometimes takes their brotherhood further than normal (once again, I mean Wincest), it truly is the beating heart of this series and what keeps us watching. Although all the big, crazy storylines make this series entertaining, it's the smallest moments that make it meaningful, and the ones we look forward to most. A Winchester hug. "Bitch" and "Jerk". Getting into the Impala at the same time. Singing together. Crying together. Even the celebratory beer after a hard case. These are the reasons Dean and Sam Winchester are my #1 bromance ever.

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