Friday, February 4, 2011

'D&D' 'Community' style

The pinnacle of nerdiness has to be the long lasting role playing game "Dungeons & Dragons." This is a game that requires hours of commitment to understand its true intricacies, so when the fantastically absurd show "Community" announced they were doing a "D&D" episode, I couldn't wait for the outcome.

Sometimes "Community" can go big like in the infamous paintball episode or the all claymation Christmas episode, however, some of the best comedy happens when the group is stuck in the study room.

In this case the group was trying to lift the spirits of the dangerously depressed Fat Neil. Discovering that he loves playing "D&D" the group sets up a fun evening where Neil will win and his confidence will be restored.

With Abed as the dungeon master and the rest of the crew taking on hilarious characters like Annie as Hector the Well Endowed (which Abed created for Troy) and Chang as a inappropriate dark elf, the game began.

Unfortunately, Pierce finds out he wasn't invited and sets about ruining the game for everyone. I understand that we're supposed to hate Pierce, but watching his evil ways made it impossible to get why anyone would hang out with him.

You might expect the producers to go all out with special effects, but the episode turned out to be a showcase for the show's creativity. They were able to create a far off fantasy world using sound effects, music and the spectacular acting of the cast.

At the end of the game, Pierce was defeated, Neil was cheered up and we discovered that the gang only hangs out with Pierce out of pity.

This was another instant "Community" classic that proves why this show is fast becoming one of the most unique and entertaining shows on TV.

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