Thursday, February 24, 2011

A 'Bodyguard' remake, really Warner Bros.?

It was announced today that Warner Bros. has plans to remake "The Bodyguard." Yes, the musical-drama starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner that gave us the never-ending "I Will Always Love You."

Here's the thing, I know Hollywood has remake fever, but seriously, "The Bodyguard?" This film really doesn't need to be remade. Apparently it will now feature an Iraq war veteran protecting a star from her stalker in the modern world of social media.

It's just a completely unnecessary piece of filmmaking.

Since the film is in the early stages no cast has been announced yet, but there are rumors that Rhianna's name is floating around for the starlet.

This just has crap written all over it, please someone stop this before it gets off the ground.

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