Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Supernatural" and "Smallville" premieres postponed

Early this afternoon, the CW Network sent emails to popular fan sites and popular bloggers and journalists so the fandoms of popular cult series "Supernatural" and "Smallville" that their winter premieres would be postponed until next friday, February 4th.

I can't even describe the outrage that burst wide open on Twitter and Tumblr only moments after these people were notified. Myself and many others thought it was a rumor. A cruel joke, after reading multiple teasing interviews and recaps of "Supernatural's" new and extremely anticipated episode of "Like a Virgin".

Yet, as the news and the truth sunk in, we all exploded, demanding a reason, of which we were given a number of lies.

Still, at this moment, it is impossible for me to convey my anger and betrayal towards the CW Network for this decision. And all of it was for "The Vampire Diaries".

Not that I do not love that show, because as most of you know, it is one of my favorite series right now. However, when a series like "Supernatural", which is of much better quality than "The Vampire Diaries" could ever be, is bumped simply because the network is worried about ratings against "American Idol", how else are the fans supposed to feel other than betrayed?

This is yet another bad decision made by the CW Network pertaining to one of this few cult television series in the last few years. Sometimes I feel like the leaders of this network are honestly trying to reach out towards the fandom community, yet, end up so far off that it is actually degrading.

I honestly do not understand how playing "The Vampire Diaries" and "Nikita" tomorrow night again, are going to help their ratings against "Idol". If the network is that worried about it, then move the series to another night. In fact, here is a perfect solution:

"Smallville" is in it's final season. Ratings are not an issue. Which it with "The Vampire Diaries", so like last year, it plays with "Supernatural". This way, instead of pitting the fans against each other as the network has done today, they are actually boosting each other's ratings. Who knows, maybe "The Vampire Diaries" ratings will rise, like "Supernatural's" ratings have since making the move to friday nights.

It seems like a poor excuse to play favoritism to a series that had the highest ratings on the network last year, but has been disappointing many fans this season, myself included. Also, series like this have a set audience. Moving it to friday just one time is not going to bring a new audience, especially not in the middle of the story as it is at the present moment. So not only will this decision not make a difference to "The Vampire Diaries" ratings, it may in fact hurt "Supernatural's" ratings.

How is this a good decision?

Honestly, the network is lucky that two of my favorite shows are on their channel. Yet, as soon as both of these series are over, I am officially done being a fan of this network. I am tired and done with the bad decisions that this network continuously makes when it comes to their cult series.

At this point, when they make decisions involving series with cult status, they need to take into account the fans, because they are the only reason the shows remain on television. They are the audience. And apparently, the CW has yet to learn that when you piss of the audience, you are doomed.

Didn't they see what happened to "Heroes" on NBC?

Apparently not.

I just pray that this horrible move does not hurt the ratings of "Supernatural", when the decision is still up in the air about renewing it for a seventh season.

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