Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oscar nominations: They forgot who?

So let me get this straight, "Inception" is one of the best pictures of the year with one of the best original screenplays, visual effects, original score, art direction, cinematography, sound editing and sound mixing, but not one of the best directors.

What does Christopher Nolan have to do to get a best director nomination. First he's ignored for "The Dark Knight" and now "Inception," which by the way was the only decent movie in theaters for a big chunk of 2010.

I guess we'll have to keep hope alive for "The Dark Knight Rises."

The other huge miss by the Academy was in the visual effects category where "Tron: Legacy" wasn't nominated.

How is it possible that a movie that takes place inside a computer doesn't have the best visual effects of the year. It's true that "Iron Man 2," "Inception," "Harry Potter," and "Alice In Wonderland" all had spectacular effects, but seriously "Hereafter."

Now I haven't seen "Hereafter" but, I find it hard to believe that it had better effects than "Tron: Legacy." It should win based on the light cycle scene alone. I understand that the Academy looks down its nose at sci-fi, but come on, it's their jobs to recognize the best movies of the year regardless of genre.

These continuous slaps in the face makes them lose credibility.

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