Friday, December 3, 2010

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 3 Finale

I have no idea why it's taken me three seasons to become a fan of this fantastic FX drama. My mom has been watching it since the beginning, and I've always put on my headphones or what not when it came time for her to watch it. But only this season, did I not mind when it was on, and only half paid attention to the first few episodes.

After seeing Titus Welliver's (who of course played the Man in Black in LOST) face for the first time, I was hooked.

I had plenty of questions: Why did they take Jax's son? Why is Gemma in the hospital? Why is ATF always after them? Who is John? Tara is a doctor? And so on, and so on. Thank goodness mother didn't mind pausing it and answering them.

Anyway, now an official fan of this series, I can't wait to talk about the amazing season finale.

This season, we have worried up and down every episode for Jax and what would happen if the club found out he was working with Stahl. Now, they have to work together to not only get Tara back, but also catch Jimmy before he leaves the country who is staying with the Russians. The only way to get him back is with cash, that they don't have enough of. But of course, the box that (what's his name?) has been trying to get people to look at for the last three episodes is full of counterfeit money. (Sorry, I haven't learned everyone's name yet)

Making a deal with Stahl, who killed her lover to cover her ass in case Gemma wants t0 tell the truth, Jax and the club are going to steal Jimmy from the Russians, then hand him over to ATF. Except, Jax didn't keep the bargain. Before running into ATF, they switched Jimmy into Tara and the prospects' car.

Of course, Stahl was pissed, and doesn't like being outsmarted. When she goes to meet Jax to sign the papers of his statement against the Irish and Stahl's promise to let the club only receive 14 months in jail, this time, she goes back on the deal. When they go pick up Jimmy from the club, Stahl does exactly what we all knew she would do. She rats on Jax, and shows Clay and the rest of the club his signed statement. Then we have to watching horror as Jax tries to defend himself against his own club and Gemma tries to jump in for him as they are all carted off in chains.

Assuming that the next season would be about Jax trying to survive after ratting out the club, none of us expected what would happen next.

The Sheriff waves down Stahl, who has Jimmy in the car, and tells her that the Russians are waiting for them. The other agents leave Stahl and Jimmy as they go check the road ahead. Then, Opie and Chibs drive up in a school bus. Chibs kills Jimmy, as Opie kills Stahl. Even though I have only watched this season before, it was Opie killing her that surprised me. Especially after he just got engaged. Maybe but surprise is misplaced, but he just didn't seem the type to me for some reason.

But I do have to say, I don't think I've ever been so happy to see someone die in a television series before.

Then, the two prospects traveling the truck with the rest of the cuffed Sons receive a text message. That's when I figured it out. This was the plan all along. The Sons on their way off to jail start laughing, even Clay and Jax. At some point, Jax must have told the club about his secret meetings with Stahl, and all of them have been in this all along. It was voted upon.

Then just when we thought there have been enough surprises, Tara finds the letters in the bag Jax brought back from Ireland. The letter John wrote. In them, Tara reads that it may have in fact been Gemma and Clay that killed him.

I'm assuming this is exactly what Season 4 is going to be about: John's letters and what Jax is going to do when he finds out. I can't imagine he'd be understanding. After everything the club has been through, this may be in fact the thing that tears them apart.

My questions are: How many people actually know the truth about John's death, as in, does anyone else from the club know, and what exactly is Tara going to do with those letters?

My mother and I agree that she is going to hide them from Jax, but of course, he is going to find them eventually.

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