Friday, December 17, 2010

'Merlin' Season 3 Finale: "The Coming of Arthur"

In my opinion, "Merlin" is one of the best BBC series that I have ever watched. Though, that may be a biased comment because I have been an Arthurian Legend fanatic since I was a kid. However, I do have to add that "Merlin" is the best written version of the Arthur Legend on TV or film that I have ever seen.

To keep the possibility of fangirling while I am writing this down to a minimum, I am going to try and write as professionally as possible.

Arthur and Merlin are off on a secret mission to retrieve a cup that can heal any wound and has the possibility of making an immortal army. In the hands of their enemy, Camelot could be in danger. Gwaine joins the hunt and they set off for enemy territory before Morgause can find the cup first. Although the Druids give the cup to Arthur, they are ambushed by Morgause's men and lose it.

With Arthur injured, Merlin and Gwaine have no time to make it back to Camelot to stop the siege, and Morgana is crowned queen. However, there are those that still remain loyal to Arthur, who is presumed dead. All the knights of Camelot refuse to follow Morgana's lead. Gwen helps Sir Leon escape, but not before Morgause puts a tracking device on her, so she can lead them right to Arthur.

Merlin calls the dragon for help, who tells him that Excalibur is the only weapon that can kill immortals. But he gave Merlin his help if he swore to put the sword where no one can use it afterward. Merlin agreed. He goes to the lake where he threw into the water two years before, and the sword rises from the water to give it to him.

In the middle of the ambushed, an old friend shows up. Lancelot, along with another friend, Perceval, are able to stop the attack, so the few loyal can escape. Arthur leads them the fortress of the old kings, and they prepare for their deaths.

The next scene, is definitely the best of the series so far. When Arthur finds an old round table, he sits them down and asks who will follow him back to Camelot. Of course, every person around the table stands, and swears their loyalty to him. It's safe to say that I was squealing like a fangirl. But the next scene sent me into tears. In the face of impending death, Arthur knights Lancelot, Gwaine, Perceval and Gwen's brother, Elyan.

Of course, the knight that sticks to the side of Merlin as they try and retrieve the cup is Lancelot, the only one other than Gaius that knows his secret. They battle Morgause as Arthur and the other rescue his father from the dungeons. Gaius surprises us all as we burst into the throne room, throwing a spell at Morgause that blast her into a stone column, apparently killing her. Of course, Morgana grieves, and her screams threaten to collapse the structure until they both disappear.

Afterwards, Arthur and Merlin are sitting on the entry steps of Camelot. Merlin tells him he may have to be crowned king as long as Uther is still emotionally wrecked. Gwen enters the courtyard on a white horse, followed by Sirs Leon, Gwaine, Elyan, Lancelot and Perceval. Arthur greets her with enthusiasm as I clapped and squealed with joy. Foreshadowing much?

And of course, the season ends with Merlin fulfilling his promise to the dragon. He takes the sword deep into the woods and magically drives it into a large stone.

Can you see why this season finale has every Merlin fan freaking out with joy? The series continues to surprise and impress me with both their changes to the legend, and the iconic moments. I can't wait to see what happens with season 4.

Seeing as SyFy Channel aired Season 2 last summer, I'm hoping that they will also air this season so I can watch it all over again, and hopefully, the American audience will grow. The series is already aired in over 100 countries. I really want to see this series get the acclaim that it truly deserves. There is a reason I think it's the most underestimated series on television and every fantasy fan should watch it.

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