Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is there a secret 'Tron' release coming?

Last week Tim discovered a strange trend brewing on the internet. Disney has removed all versions of the original "Tron" from Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and retail stores.

Different versions can still be found on sites like You Tube and Daily Motion, however, the quality of the videos can never be assured.

The only reason why Disney would go through all the trouble of virtually deleting "Tron" is that they are planning a mystery re-release in anticipation of "Tron: Legacy."

While there has been no mention of this anywhere, it seems to me that it's the only logical explanation for why "Tron" would disappear after 28 years.

With the sequel coming out in two weeks, it would seem that Disney would want the original out there as much as possible, unless they had plans of their own.

I think that Disney has plans for a surprise DVD or theatrical re-release of "Tron."

Imagine going to a theater for a showing of "Tron" right before a midnight showing of "Tron: Legacy."

Of course this is all speculation on my part, because Disney could have some other super plan that I haven't even considered.

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