Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vampire Diaries: Moonstone and the Originals predictions

Now, there has been plenty of theories on what exactly the moonstone is for, or being used for. In last week's episode, "Rose", some exciting and surprising information was revealed, and gives us obsessed viewers, a chance to reform our theories.

For those of us that read the books, I'm sure I wasn't the only one that was jumping up and down when Klaus' name was mentioned. I honestly was not expecting him to come into the story until at least the end of this season. But now that Elena and the Salvatores know what they are up against, it changes everything.

For those of us up to speed, this episode filled in a few holes that we didn't know before, or at least were not sure of:

1. Katherine is about 500 years old.
2. The moonstone binds the sun and the moon curse.
3. Trevor was commanded by the Originals to watch over Katherine Petrova, but he messed up.
4. The Originals wanted Katherine Pierce, now want Elena.
5. Elena is not the first Petrova doppleganger.
6. The sacrifice of the doppleganger will break the curse.
7. The Originals want to sacrifice Elena FOR Klaus.
8. The Originals can not be killed by a simple stake.

With this new information, I have been trying to fill in the holes of my own theory. So far, this is what I've got:

The Originals are the first vampires. Klaus, the oldest vampire in history, the first, had a companion. A Petrova, who is the first one he turned. As the years went by, the vampire race grew, something happened. Some of us have been speculating whether Klaus and this Petrova Original were together, and she did something to betray him. Or perhaps, the other Originals did something to betray her. I haven't decided which one I think it right quite yet, but it has to be one or the other. However, I am leaning towards the theory that the Petrova Original did something to betray the other Originals with the help of a Lockwood and Bennett.

If that is what happened, then Klaus and the rest of the Originals bound the sun and the moon curse to the moonstone as a punishment. So where does the dopplegangers and the powers of the Bennett witches fit in? I'm not quite sure yet, but I do believe that they are both connected to the curse of the moonstone. Perhaps they were side effects of the curse somehow? Or a little magic that the first Bennett witch worked up? And if the fact that the Originals can only be killed by a certain type of wood, like in the books, remains the same in the series, that too could be part of the magic the Bennett cooked up.

The only aspect that I really don't understand, is why the Originals want to sacrifice Elena and break the curse? It really makes me think that the only thing that can kill them, was a side effect of the moonstone's magic, so they really can be invincible. When they realized their mistake, they waited for the first doppleganger to be born, which was Katherine. Trevor was commanded to watch over her, but she was turned, and no longer able to use at the sacrifice. And we know from Elijah, that the other Originals that Katherine was the last of her family line, which obviously is not true.

Also, as a side note, I still stand by the theory that the moonstone needs werewolf blood too, or else Katherine wouldn't have gone through the trouble of turning Tyler.

There is one other little tidbit that I want to mention because of the suggestive way Elijah talks about Mystic Falls...

Myself and TVD pal Tasha (@IHeartTVD) have discussed the possibility of Mystic Falls not being the first town in this area. In the books, there is the idea of ley lines and how their energy draws supernatural creatures. Mystic Falls happens to be exactly where several ley lines cross. It acts as a beacon to other creatures, and could explain all the vampire, witch, and werewolf activity in the area. Well, what if before Mystic Falls, there was a community of vampires, and other creatures? What if it was the home of the Originals, and something major happened, the Founding Families showed up, push the vampires out, and creating their own town of Mystic Falls?

If that is true, I imagine they would be pretty pissed. I guess we have to wait and see what happens.

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