Monday, November 22, 2010

Thoughts on 'Green Lantern' movie

Stephanie and I both talked a bit in this week's show regarding the new trailer for the "Green Lantern" movie.

Taking Blake Lively's "acting" out of the equation there was one single problem we both had: iffy special effects.

That is where Tony Rizo comes in.

Tony is a good friend of the show, who also designed our nifty logo. He also has extensive experience in the world of visual effects.

He also gave some unique insight during our Oscar special last year.

So, the logical thing to do was seek his guidance on this issue we are having with the trailer.

Here is what Tony had to say regarding the issue:

"Well just saw the GL trailer, nothing phenomenal about it at all.

The interior cockpit jets look so clean!

The suit is hyper-realistic and makes Reynolds physique look abnormal and odd for a man. Even skinny male models don’t look like that, they really gave him a v-shape that is uncharacteristic of a real man, which is why it is so off putting.

Will they change the suit?

Not if they are approaching their hard dead line, like with most movies, it is some executive producer that wanted the suit to be that way probably not the VFX supervisor or any of the other artists that wanted to remain true to the original GL design.

How much would it cost for them to change the suit and replace it? A butt load of dough and they probably wouldn’t be able to finish it in time if they wanted to, the whole thing looks very clich├ęd as well. They should have taken some notes from the last Batman movie, or from Watchman. The costumes in both of those movies were very good, more natural to what we perceive."
Can't argue with that.

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