Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Chemical Romance 'Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys'

I know I wasn't the only one that was completely all over herself when she picked up MCR's new album in stores last week and blasted it when their windows down, even though it was freaking cold outside.

Like the rest of the fan base, I have been waiting for their next album for the last four years and was greeted with what I believe to be the best work they have ever done.

As a long time fan ever since their break out hit "Helena", which helped me through the grieving process of a very good friend of mine, I am still overjoyed at the concept and message of this new story.

For many years, especially after the dark road that the listener makes through "The Black Parade", My Chemical Romance has been accused time and time again by outsiders that their music not only drives out the darkness of their fans, but makes them driven by it. I myself have been singled out by being a big fan, apparently not seeming the type to enjoy their music. But any outsider wouldn't understand that "The Black Parade" wasn't only a journey through a dark road, but it was a journey through suffering into the light...which only continues to get brighter in "Danger Days."

After two years of "The Black Parade" Tour, and two more years of rest and creating this new album, the band has been among many break up rumors and that this might in fact be their last album. Since it's release, many of the members have made it clear that is NOT at all true and that they will keep creating as long as it keeps coming.

Back at Comic Con 2009 when I attended Gerard's panel for "The Umbrella Academy" (a fantastic graphic novel), he explained that this new album would be like a love letter to rock 'n' roll. I have to definitely agree with that statement.

Not only does "Danger Days" remind us what is great about rock, and at times, take us back to the greats like Zepplin, AC/DC, and the Stones, the story of this album is more about the listeners than the artists. A story that takes place in the near future of 2019, and is a rebellion against conformity and criticism. About having your own voice and fighting for it. It is definitely as Gerard has said in many interviews, "This is definitely the loudest and brightest album" they have ever released.

It's the only CD that I have been listening to in the last week and am already singing along with each song. Here are a few of my favorites:

Na Na Na
Bulletproof Heart
Sing (will inspire a whole new wave of MCR tattoos)
Plantery GO! (especially can't wait to see this one performed live)
The Only Hope for Me is You
The Kids From Yesterday

It may not be until May, but I already bought my pre-sale tickets for their next show in Los Angeles, and am already planning my Killjoys uniform.

And make sure you check out their new and fantastically rebellious music video for the new hit "Sing":


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