Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday purchases

So, I waited to post this because Amazon had a great deal for the first season of "Dollhouse" for $9.99 on Blu-ray. Too bad I woke up early this morning to find a bunch on nonsense regarding buying the set. There were two things I wanted, each released hours after each other.

But, these Amazon deals needed to be purchased within 15 minutes of clicking on it. Meaning I would need to buy them both separately and pay shipping for both.

No thanks.

I did, however, get some good movie deals on Black Friday.

And kept a tradition alive.

For the past few years I have gotten a great deal on a season set of "Psych."

This year I thought Borders had a great deal for season four for $14.99, but my store was sold out.

Enter Target's amazing TWO day sale.

They had the unadvertised "Psych" season four for only $12.99! In fact, they had all the seasons for that price.

I also picked up "The Best of The Greatest American Hero" (four episodes) for only $1.99!

Big fan of that show and especially cool because I had just shown my niece the opening of the show on YouTube the day before.

And lastly I got "Elf" for $3.99. What makes this deal great is that the DVD is not a bare bones release. This is the full on special, two-disc edition with loads of extras.

My family loves that film and now we don't have to wait for the USA Network to air it.

And no commericals!

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