Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The best Thanksgiving episodes ever

A lot is made about great Christmas episodes and we'll undoubtedly have a list of those in the coming weeks, however, there are also plenty of great Thanksgiving episodes, so here is my list of some the best.

1. "WKRP in Cincinnati"-"Turkeys Away"

I know this isn't a show you hear us talk about very much, but it is a hilariously underrated sitcom and this is one of the best episodes of the entire series. Mr. Carlson (Gordon Jump) decides to do a Thanksgiving promotion and hilarity ensues.

I won't spoil the ending, but you have to watch until the very end, it's worth it.

2. "The Cosby Show"-"Cliff's Wet Adventure"

"The Cosby Show" is of course one of the greatest shows of all time, so it's no surprise to find it on this list. In this episode, everyone has come to the Huxtables for Thanksgiving and Cliff has to keep going out to the only open store for eggs, nutmeg, tomatoes, etc.

The catch is, it's terrible outside. It's pouring rain and crazy windy, so everytime he opens the door to head out Bill Cosby gets this look on his face that is just hilarious. The whole thing culminates with everyone sitting down to dinner and him opening the door to blue skies and chirping birds. It's Cosby at his subtle best.

3. "Mad About You"-"Giblets for Murray"

"Mad About You" is one of my all time favorite shows. While Helen Hunt won several Emmys for Lead Actress in a Comedy, I always felt this show was underrated compared to "Seinfeld" and "Friends."

In this episode, Paul and Jamie host Thanksgiving for their friends and family and hilarity ensues. There are several trips to the store for multiple turkeys and crazy shenanigans.

4. "Friends"-"The One With the Rumor"

Two words: Brad Pitt. This classic season eight episode features Pitt as an old friend of Ross and Monica who hates Rachel. This was a clever twist by the writers since Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married at the time. There were also plenty of jokes about Pitt's looks because his character used to be Monica's fat friend.

"Friends" was famous for its Thanksgiving episodes, so honestly the choices for this list were endless, but this one had Brad Pitt in it, so really there were no other choices.

5. "King of the Hill"-"Happy Hank's Giving"

I know this may seem like an odd choice but this episode perfectly depicts the insanity of traveling during the holidays. Everyone ends up trapped by a snowstorm at the airport and it becomes an all out war to get a possible flight or hotel room.

Anyone who's been stuck at the airport during the holidays will laugh at the situations the characters end up in.

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