Monday, November 1, 2010

100k+ nerds cause an overload on the Comic Con registration site!

Honestly, I know this is a huge hassle, and the registration website should have prepared for this...but I can't help but feel a little proud.

For the first time ever, fans have caused a major overload on the website, and registration has officially been canceled until a later date. On the Comic Con website there is a new message: "Please check back on the 8th of November for information on the new registration date."

And minutes after that, the home page was updated with this following message:

As a long time Comic Con veteran, I have seen plenty of crazy things when it comes to registration and hotel bookings. But I have never witnessed this before.

As for us Comic Con nerds on Twitter, while we were waiting for that dreadful message, we somehow found a way to not only entertain ourselves, but gave the world a new reason to call us nerds...and that's with hilarious tweets:

@Crazy4Comic Con: Buying Comic Con tickets today: "It's as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced..." #SDCC

@SuperMomRobyn: If I can get up at 4am to get in line at Hall H, I can't wait a few hours for tickets to #SDCC

@jpooch21: I just keep telling myself that waiting for #sdcc ticket website to load is preparing me 8.5 months early for the horror that is Hall H line

@ana_br: Frustration is an understatment! RT @kirstiemdon: Seriously, I could've found Narnia by now. #SDCC

@TVWithoutPity: Leave it to #SDCC to hire the only nerds who aren't tech-savvy. RT @colliderfrosty: whoever does tech for Comic-Con needs to get fired.

@Crazy4ComicCon: Hour 1 of waiting in line ends. Hour 2 begins.Anyone have any food or water (maybe a sleeping bag)? Good luck all! #SDCC

@Crazy4ComicCon: At this rate, we will be getting tickets hopefully by Christmas time- well it will be a perfect X-mas gift :) #SDCC

@redsonja1313: I am an angry mob of one armed with a pen ready to storm hall H #SDCC

@Silentbeeker: Perhaps this is all some twisted experiment to see how much comic-con fans will take before snapping? #Theticketsarealie #SDCC

@Locdonan: #SDCC Knock Knock...Who's There?/// Comic Con.... Comic Con Who?.......Hello?...Hello!?... Service Unavailable....

@tehAlz: The Matrix has us. There is no step 2... #SDCC

@saintocamus: otakus, nerds, geeks, trekies, ewoks, freakies, steam punks, ghostbuster, zombies.....This is WAR I want my tickets!!! @#SDCC

@candacetwilson: greatest costume at #sdcc 2011??? A service unavailable screen...except he got mobbed right inside the door....

@RandomPenguin: @DamonLindelof I feel like getting tix to #SDCC is like the people on Lost getting off the island: most of us will die before that happens

@Jeska_Day: Maybe if A-M agreed to press reload only on even minutes, and N-Z on odd, we'd all get our tickets for ComicCon #sdcc

@Crazy4ComicCon: #SDCC fans, we did it!!! We broke Comic Con! I know this is sad but it's pretty impressive at the same time. (check back Nov 8th)


...nothing like an epic and hilarious #SDCC Twitter spam to go down with the worst day in Nerd History. But hey, that's what we're here for.

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