Monday, October 25, 2010

Box office Monday

There were no surprises at this week's box office, with "Paranormal Activity 2" taking the top spot. It brought in an impressive $41.5 million, which Paramount is no doubt ecstatic about considering the film's $3 million budget.

It also played in IMAX at select theaters and those tickets always add a few extra dollars to the pot. The interesting thing will be how it competes next week against "Saw 3-D."

In second place was "Jackass 3-D," which had a 57 percent drop off but still managed to bring in $21 million. The film has already grossed more than $87 million, which means Paramount has already greenlit the sequel. Look for "Jackass 3.5" to be released late 2010-early 2011.

The rest of the top five included: "Red" with $15 million, Hereafter with a dismal $12 million and "The Social Network" at $7 million.

There shouldn't be much change to next week's box office with only "Saw 3-D" opening. However, the weeks after that include "Due Date," "Megamind," and "Skyline."

Of course, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" comes out on Nov. 19 to blow everything out of the water.

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