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EVIL DEAD: Tasteless Gore, Tastefully Done

Dexter Morgan and I have something in common.We were both at one point took in quite a bit of gore as a child. Fortunately, mine was on the silver screen. One of my favorite past times as an N' Sync hating movie-sponge? Watching Bruce Campbell overact through a demonic funhouse. It was ridiculous and gross and FUN.

It's my Disney. It's my Muppets. It's Evil Dead.

To paint a picture of this film is to explain the wildly debatable reviews that are already out there. What other films bolster a 65% satisfaction rating AND have critics walking out of the screening they are in? I was simultaneously told by an exiting audience before my show that it was "Awesome"and "a piece of shit."

I was obviously about to see something more than a cheap, fun horror flick...

Mia (Jane Levy) is a heroine addict. But she has friends,and those friends decide to take her to a remote cabin to detox under the care of nurse Olivia (Jessica Lucas), high school teacher Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), brother David (Shiloh Fernandez)and David's girlfriend Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore).

This cabin in the woods ain't smiling...

When Eric locates an ancient book and fearlessly starts to decipher the contents, things get a little hellish. And by a little, I mean a lot.

Anarchy sets in when Mia has a rather wince-heavy interaction in the woods and explains to her brother that the cabin is now the playground for some very masochistic demons.

The following hundred or so minutes is where the debate of the film lies: is it grotesque, Saw-level gore? Pain for the sake of pain? Is this Hostel?


Fede Alvarez and Sam Raimi take the colors of shallow brutal films and paint a masterpiece. Limbs are removed, skin is pierced and slashed and removed. But it isn't happening for you. It's happening because hell is consuming reality. It is necessary evil.

Evil Dead can best described as the gorefest for adults. Saw isn't subtle. Hostel is too lazy. Evil Dead doesn't just lay out the pain and wipe its hands clean. It pushes you through uncontrollable fear, twists you through experiences you almost can't stand,and gives you a heroine that is as surprisingly good as she is surprising.

Levy deserves a great deal of credit for the human depth of Evil Dead, as well as for a chilling performance that will inch it's way into the history books.

As Mia is taken from humanity, suffers possession and reaches the height of her potential, Levy makes us feel everything from fear to morbid amusement to "f*** yeah!" cheerleading.

Evil Dead may not be your cup of tea, but it's worth trying. For a remake, the film does a great deal to redefine what a gory movie can still be, and reminds us that horror isn't an artless genre.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dan's Top Ten of 2012

It was a big year for films in 2012 and even though we're a month into 2013, they haven't had there last hoorah. NO! NOT THE OSCARS! The correct answer is my picks for the top ten movies of last year. Let's begin!

10. Sleepwalk With Me

It's one of those days...

For anyone who has ever started a band, tried stand up comedy or just chased a dream, Sleepwalk With Me is about as bittersweet a story as you can find.

Matt Pandamiglio (Birbiglia) (I didn't just slap my keyboard) takes you through a story Woody Allen-style that is so weird it has to be true. The stress in his life has led him to sleepwalk, which he discovers is actually a pretty dangerous problem. Along his journey of discovery, he also struggles to start doing stand up comedy instead of sitting behind the bar everynight. Did I mention he may be getting married against his will? Hard times, Mike!

"Sleepwalk With Me" mirrors Birbiglia's one man show of the same name. It's an honest, endearing story that reminds us that when things are pretty bad, they may get a little bit worse. Then they will get better.

“The list of fun and easily fixed brain diseases is very short.” 

9. Les Miserables

"Dark, Depressing Disney"

Haters gonna hate. Sorry nerds, but Les Miserables took me in, sat me down for nearly three hours and chewed my heart up like a garbage disposal with a vengeance. 

I don't know where to start on the plot. (Takes deep breath) Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) is imprisoned for stealing bread for his straving nephew, held as a slave by Inspector Javier (Russel Crowe), is released eventually but marked as a dangerous man, is given a chance at a new life which he accepts by breaking parole and changing his name. Jean Valjean lives forever in fear of the relentless Javier. Jean Valjean becomes a rich, powerful man but his shaky conscience leads to woes for others and his struggle for inner peace is set to the growing outcry before the French Revolution as he attempts to save a tragic prostitute (Anne Hathaway) and her daughter (Amanda Seyfried)


The movie is full of rich visuals and outstanding performances by Jackman and Hathaway. I'm man enough to admit that Hathaway's version of "I Dreamed A Dream" curbstomped my heart. I teared up. Deal with it.

Les Miserables is certainly not for everyone. In an age of popular 90-minute action films, this is nearly three hours of pure musical. For those who are unabashed or excited, it's worth every penny and every second to simply feel.

8. Prometheus

An alien model of Earth... this should end well!

Let the argument begin! One of the biggest, controversial headscratchers of the year HAD to make the list. "Prometheus" may have been 60% hype, but the 40% remaining is dense enough to be the year's early Thanksgiving meal.

After discovering ancient markings that all point to an alien world, an exploration team is assembled and head to the source of the markings. Upon arrival, the crew faces a hostile planet, mysterious holograms and strange creatures, all leading to a revelation that... well no one is really sure of.

The only thing larger than the scale of this galactic thriller is the pros and cons list one can make regarding it. On one hand it's full of great talent, mesmerizing visuals and (again) a story you can sink your philosophical teeth into. On the other hand, the film under-utilizes the talents of some crew members, some of the plotholes are planet sized and when you get down to it, the film is almost vague for its own sake.

Side-note: during the lead up to the film's release, the makers swore it was not an "Alien" prequel. They must not have seen the film.

"Prometheus" has its faults, but when it comes down to movies that gave you what you went for, nothing delivered that and more quite the same way that this film did.

"Whatever that probe is picking up, it's a lifeform."

7. The Dark Knight Rises

Darkest Three Stooges Remake.... EVER.

6. The Avengers
A is for AWESOME.

Alright kids, it's time for the nerd block! These two films should really be side by side; both were box office titans and both changed the way we view films. The Avengers gets the #7 nod solely because it also established a new way to franchise a movie.

The Dark Knight is the final installment in Christopher Nolan's dark, realistic Batman franchise. Ending what was one of the most groundbreaking film trilogies, the film centers around the aftermath of the second film (ie Harvey Dent's murder, the Joker's terrorism and Batman's fall). Even though The Dark Knight took some criticism for not being able to one-up it's predecessor, the message behind the film was not lost on most: where Batman Begins was about our fears of masks and The Dark Knight asked us if wearing the mask was really worth it.

The Dark Knight Rises attempts to answer the question for many characters; Bruce Wayne's mask of indifference, Bane's mask of indestructibility,  Catwoman's mask of self-reliance, even John Blake's mask of servitude. The Dark Knight Rises is a smarter, deeper superhero film that will no doubt be felt in the industry for decades.

On the other side of the coin is the powerhouse Avengers. Built and hyped for four years, beginning with the landmark Iron Man, The Avengers ties together four franchises flawlessly, capitalizing on media, culture and pure fun.

After Loki gains possession of the Tesseract, an unending supply of power, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) assembles the Avengers: snarky rich boy Iron Man, dedicated soldier Captain America, powerful god Thor, troubled scientist Bruce Banner and femme fatale Black Widow. In a quest to stop him from unleashing a galactic hell on Earth, the team must learn to embrace the bigger picture, much like movie-going audiences did.

The independent films tied together with "easter eggs" and rumors around the internet, creating possibly the largest viral marketing campaign in history.

Between the groundbreaking style of The Dark Knight Rises and the juggernaut storytelling of The Avengers, these movies easily deserve to be on every top ten of 2012.

5. Wreck It Ralph

Diabetes happens.

If we're lucky, there's at least one family movie a year that's genuinely for everyone. Wreck It Ralph hits the mark and hits it ridiculously hard. 

Ralph is the villain of Fix It Felix, a retro game in an arcade. After years of humble living and servitude to the gamer, Ralph is tired of being portrayed as a mean ogre and decides the time has come to mix it up. This decision leads to a venerable escapade of "bull-in-china-shop" antics, leading to Ralph meeting up with Vanellope, a driving ace with attitude in the game Candy Dash. Seeing his chance to finally be a hero, Ralph attempts to help his new friend. In the process, he learns that sometimes, you can be the hero by being there for those who need you the most.

Wreck It Ralph is heartwarming, entertaining and hip for a generation of kids who may or may not see the importance of being yourself instead of what seems cool at the time.

"Where's the Wreck-It guy?"

4. Looper

Time travel has never been more relative...

We could sit here and discuss the time travel laws and how it works until we all have doctorates in physics. Instead, how about you watch this movie and just take it all in?

In 2074, a mob owns time travel and uses it to create the most efficient execution method imaginable. With a little help from Loopers, a fancy name for executioners in 2044, certain people would ostensibly disappear from time altogether. This alone constitutes this film as one of the smartest of the year.

But then add in that these Loopers eventually have to "complete their loop" by executing their future selves. A little messy, right? Then contemplate the implications if your "loop" escaped. What do they know about you? What do you know about them? But most importantly... What are they running for?

Looper establishes rules, and does what so many writers have trouble doing: not screwing with the rules. You're not along for a ride in a time travel thriller. You're watching the most dangerous manhunt imaginable, made even heavier by time travel.

And a special thank you to whoever made the trailer and left out a certain ability that exists in the future... very clever...

"He's gonna take everything YOU got, and everything I got!" 

3. Skyfall

A man who fixes your tie before he kills you CAN'T be evil!

If this wasn't a 007 film, it may have been even bigger. By that I mean that the only reason I've heard any bad reviews of Skyfall is because someone said "I don't like Bond movies."

But that guy is a jerk. So there.

After a rather murky outing in Quantum of Solace, Bond is back in rare fashion. Skyfall is loosely celebrated as the 50th anniversary film of the historic British spy, and this film is made in a way to sum up why the films survive: a suave hero, gorgeous heroines, odd and creepy villains, gadgets and most of all... BAD-ASSERY!

When a mysterious terrorist surfaces and seems to be after MI6, James Bond must rise to the occasion to stop the unnerving villain. Director Sam Mendes and a team of writers bring us a super-tight, engaging film that unravels the Bond franchise at the seems as Silva slowly shows his hand in a collection of emtional scars handed down by beloved MI6 leader M.

With signature beauty and action, Skyfall is a glorious installment in Bond history that will easily be in the running for on of the best 007 outings.

"She sent you after me, knowing you're not ready, knowing you would likely die. Mommy was very bad. "

2. Cabin In The Woods

Bless This Bloody Mess!

An argument can be made as to whether this is a movie from 2012; it was finished in 2011, is credited on as 2011, but wasn't released to the general public until 2012. We solve that argument with one confident stance: if you were to watch Cabin In The Woods today, it may be on your list of the best of 2013 as well.

'Nuff said. But let's continue.

Cabin In The Woods is special. Not just to me, but to a very large fanbase. In a year when us film nerds were looking for TDKR and The Avengers, we were all blindsided by an intelligent, well-crafted and most importantly HILARIOUS horror movie. It's the appetizer the chef brought to the table for free. And that appetizer hit the #@#$ing spot!

As the poster says, you think you know the story... Five kids go to the woods for a weekend of fun, but things go south when they fall into an intricate trap that unfolds to a scale that blows the mind.

I'd go into more detail, but no one deserves to have this gem ruined. If you haven't seen it, pop it in a video player of some kind and enjoy. Enjoy the horror, enjoy the comedy, enjoy the feeling of having a movie that says "you're not a number! You're a smart person that deserves a good time!"


1. 21 Jump Street

Drugs. Violence. Comedy.

I should probably mention that some of this order is based off of sheer entertainment value. 21 Jump Street is not that case; I submit it as the best movie OF THE YEAR.

Schmidt (Jonah Hill) is an antisocial nerd. Jenko (Channing Tatum) is your typical dumb jock. They both become cops. By this point, roughly ten minutes into the movie, it's impossible to not be sold on this film. Hill and Tatum are unnaturally likable and have more chemistry than the underground lab on Breaking Bad.

Having proven how incompetent they are on the beat, Jenko and Schmidt are sent to 21 Jump Street, an undercover narcotics unit watchdogging high schools. The headquarters houses Captain Dickson (Ice Cube in one of his best performances in years), the hard-nosed and comically cruel leader of the unit. The captain sends the duo to a local school, where they immediately let their presence be felt.

The cast of 21 Jump Street is amazingly balanced and the jokes are equally executed with irony and charisma by everyone involved: Eric (Dave Franco) is a pseudo hipster with a hand in the drug game, Zack (Dax Flame) is a painfully awkward nerd and Coach Walters (Rob Riggle) is icing on the comedy cake.

But it's not just the jokes that wins 21 Jump Street the top spot. It's the message behind the strange ordeal: who you are and who you think you are can be two very different things.


Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment on what I hit and missed!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

VACATION: Checking off my Disneyland bucket list

Zoe and I in Tiana's Showboat Jubilee. Major bucket list item!

For my vacation this week I decided on a few things:

1. Close to home.
2. Cheap.
3. Fun

Since I have a Disneyland pass, I decided this would be the best option. So four days and nights at Disney it is.

Then I thought of something even better: I have a bucket list of Disneyland to finish. So, in my time there I am going to try to check off as many as possible.

Here are a few items I'm most eager to cross out:

Radiator Springs Racers at night.
Eat at the Carnation Cafe (indoors).
Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante (seriously never been there).
Goofy's Sky School
Main Street horseless carriage (last Main St. vehicle to ride)
Matterhorn at night

Anything cool I should add to my list?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12: Live Updates Of The Sandiest Concert Ever

There's been a lot of people clammering about how "12/12/12" is a once in a lifetime event. Yeah. Someday when your kids insist you tell them about that momentous day, what will you tell them? "I had a meatball sub and went Christmas shopping." Not. So. Special.

Fortunately, tonight is also 12/12/12: The Sandy Relief Concert, which I will review for you moment by moment. You lucky dog!

While I will be heaping out rich helpings of sarcasm and almost-humerous wit, I ask that everyone does what they can to help at

Let's get started.

7:25: CSI: Miami. Oh sad, foolish CSI: Miami. Does everyone in Florida talk in obvious observations and reach for puns to prove their professional swagger? One can only hope. The episode ends with a girl coming out of a coma and naming her supplier. Well, that makes it easy. I'd say that such a swift ending is... pretty dope. YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.....

7:30: Sandy's Greatest Hits Compilation. All your favorites: Hurricane photos, youtube videos of kids crying, the live crowd cheering at the wrong moments. They either don't see the destruction we're watching at home or they are really into The Weather Channel.

7:33: Bruce Springsteen  mentions thunder and railroads in the first twenty seconds of the opening song. This is where I usually skip to the deep cuts. He continues "Land of Hopes and Dreams," a song that features the most trains since "Conjunction Junction." Ever notice that The Boss never counts to 4? "1,2..." or "2,3,4!"... You've gotta wonder.

7:41: Springsteen launches into "Wrecking Ball." At first listen, it sounds preeetty insensitive. Too soon, Boss.

7:45: Flashback to THIS. Kinda hoping for the American sequel in 3....2....1...... nope.

7:46: Bruce warms up the crowd for the "big night." Not the most sensual thing he's said, but it's up there. He gets oddly specific. "There's an alley behind Shelley's Liquor where I used to shoot all kinds of drugs...." (not really.)

7:48: Well, this WAS a concert. Now it's Bruce's audio version of Walk The Line.

7:49: "City of Ruins." I get that he's relating these songs to Sandy and his home. But it's getting pretty obvious that all Bruce has done on the last decade is write songs about shitty happenings on the Jersey Shore. Like a depressing Boardwalk Empire. Only Steve Buscemi isn't playing the tambourine out of time.

7:53: My fiancee is genuinely concerned Bruce is going to a) have a heart attack saying "COME ON!" or b) shit his pants.

7:55: Bruce seems to be buying time with his "Sha la la"s. Dangerously close to slipping into an Adam Sandler voice.

7:56: If Bruce is the hero of Jersey, Bon Jovi is the piece of glass you step on playing frisbee on the beach. "Born to Run" never felt so forced.

7:58: Bon Jovi is like Sting. If Sting got drunk at a Christmas party and kept eyeing your girlfriend until she begged you to leave early.

8:05: Billy Crystal is still alive! And still throwing softballs. Homeland, Long Island Power, state legislation, jewish jokes... IS ANYONE STILL AWAKE?

8:07: The ocean Billy loved caused so much damage. Way to go, Billy Crystal! To add insult to injury, a bad Robert DeNiro impression.

8:09: Shouldn't the Robin Hood Relief Fund be stealing from Billy Crystal and giving to Sandy Victims? Just sayin'...

8:09: BREAKING NEWS: It's the fifth day of Hanukkah. Now you know.

8:10: Martha Stewart hasn't gotten enough face time, so she hid herself strategically behind the POWERHOUSE that is Susan Sarandon.

8:11:Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder, sounds like a concert is starting in MSG...

8:14: Waters was casted as Ricky Gervais' father tonight. The man wears a lot of black t-shirts.

8:17: Roger Waters says no to Sandy victims receiving education. Sad, really.

8:20: Eddie Vedder has had an AWKWARD 5 minute wait on stage so far. If only he had brought a magazine.

8:22: "Money." A song about how useless money is. At a concert. Asking people to donate money...

8:24: WHOA. Someone was late on the censor button. Especially when "Bullshit" is in the lyrics! Can't wait for Kanye!!!

8:28: The sax solo means it's that time, folks. YOU KNOW THAT TIME... Naptime at Madison Square Gardens.

8:29: Which is worse: Bruce getting us down about the destruction of the coast or Eddie Vedder just getting us down? I need an antidepressant to get through this set.

8:31: No end in sight... Running to the kitchen to the dulcet sounds of Vedder and Waters tear-soaked vibes...

8:35: It looks like Roger Waters is serenading a hurricane. A sexy hurricane...

8:36: Eddie Vedder gets a huge cheer for simply changing it up.

8:39: Vedder is great at singing handless or strangle-y.

8:45: Speaking of disasters, it's Adam Sandler.

8:51: Kristen Stewart rolled out of bed to look uncomfortable and read through her haze of money and talentless fog.

9:03: Let me get all of my Bon Jovi vitriol out real quick: nice turtleneck, jackass. Let's hear some strip club music. Doing a great impression of Jack Black.

9:09: Bon Jovi has reduced Springsteen to Wiggles quality. I would count how many times they are saying "S'ALRIGHT" but I can only count to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

9:12: While Bon Jovi continues down his shallow list of hits, I'm going to research when the last time was he wrote a real hit...

9:15: OK, so technically hie still sells records. But only Gold on "The Circle"? Weak, Jovi. Weak.

9:17: You can't miss Chris Chirstie in a crowd. Important or fat? You decide.

9:21: John Stewart gets the first laugh of the night!

9:22: No one threw the hurricane at you, John. Except God. I guess...

9:23: Cheeseburgers and mini-golf, John? ....... Where can I get that this time of night??

9:26: It's Gary Old-..... Eric Clapton!

9:34: This is dangerously close to turning into a Phish-esque jam session. Now is the time to call FEMA.

9:39: They keep saying Kanye West like it's a threat...

9:40: I don't know who the woman in the purple dress is, who put her onstage or why it seems like the teleprompter is swinging to and fro, but... better than Kristen Stewart.

9:45: Jimmy Fallon is one step away from a bad John Travolta impression. "Aw, geez guys! This is CRAZY! Wow!" Guess there are WORSE impressions. Wink wink. Nudge Nudge. Etc.

9:48: Ladies and Gentleman, Mick Jagger's Skeleton!

9:51: There's something infinitely amusing in the idea of Jagger falling mid-cocky move and sentence. "I WAS A- AH, F@*!ING SH(# MY ASS!"

9:55: Keith Richards keeps forgetting and remembering where he is midsong.

9:57: Jagger has shed most of his clothes to reveal his Ricky Gervais costume.

10:01: Stephen Colbert laying down the hard facts! "Paul McCartney, cut your hair and lose the accent; you're a role model."

10:04: Hey, it's P "Untalented Kanye" Diddy and 13!

10:07: I'd give 1,000 dollars for Alicia Keys to start singing "SKYFAAAAAALL...."

10:12: Alicia Keys could read a cereal box and it will sound seductive.

10:13: "I want you to get your cell phones out for me." Damn, Alicia Keys. Getting all Rhianna on me...

10:17: Alicia could slip her grocery list into the song and no one will notice.

10:21: Steve Buscemi is blitzed. Luckily, his googly eyes are sober, so he'll make it through the night.

10:25: Steve Buscemi got verbally abused by Chris Christie's brother. That should have been the closer!

10:28: The Who may be the only infallible thing to happen tonight.

10:38: Wow, an actual tearjerking performance by Keith Moon. RIP.

10:40: No one should play Pinball Wizard without Elton John dressed fantastically.

10:43: Wow, the destruction footage behing The Who is bada-......oh.... whoops....

10:48: A beautiful use of the microphone to inject heroine!

11:01: "Have a fucking beer!" -Pete Townsend

11:03: There is NO difference between James Gandolfini and Will Sasso.

11:11: Chris Rock has been on stage for two minutes and hasn't said #*@@(#@*#2*! once. I'm amazed!

11:13: I've never been as jealous of something as Kanye's leather skirt.

11:19: No person can deny Jesus Walks. It's like Gangnam Style of the rap world.

11:28: Kanye is in a marathon right now. Paul McCartney has been pushed to 2:00 am.

11:33: The censor worked for the first time! Kanye is about to the point where he is rasping and reading his lyrics.

11:35: I can't tell if Jimmy Fallon and Jack McBreer were a part of Brian Williams' bit or just annoyed...

11:37: Bobby Moynahan is trying harder than Bon Jovi. And doing better. Barely.

11:38: Jake Gyllenhal is here tonight to play Joaquin Phoenix.

11:42: "BILLY JOEL? You play Captain Jack or you get the F@*# outta here!" That's what one drunk 50 year old man is saying somewhere.

11:45: "Only The Good Die Young" would be SO AWKWARD...

11:47: Billy Joel is "Movin' Out"... of Jersey.

11:57: More than one person in the crowd just woke up thinking Billy Joel was done. Realizing he wasn't they went back to bed.

12:00: I wonder how many people in MSG are losing patince. Because I sure am...

12:02: Billy Joel: Mitt Romney's heavy metal.

12:04: "You May Be Right" is something a lame dad gives his punk rock son. "He rides his motorcycle in the rain, son!"

12:08: Worst censor ever. Misses the swears, bleeps the sentences.

12:09: There it is. "Only The Good Die Young." AWKWARD.

12:13: And now, the saddest sequel to UP imaginable...

12:15: You can't see it, but snipers are ready to fire if Chris Martin doesn't speed this show along.

12:18: MICHAEL STIPE? Nice surprise, Chris Martin. #nosarcasm

12:23: A nice jab at the rock and roll elderly by Chris Martin.

12:29: Katie Holmes' first appearance since her escape.

12:33: Quentin Tarantino does not disappoint. The censor was ready on the button that time.

12:35: After 5 hours, Paul McCartney takes the stage. We made it, America!!!

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Saying goodbye to my 'City of Heroes'

With a heavy heart I am hanging up my cape.

Granted, it is not a voluntary action. "City of Heroes" is being shut down tonight. Unfairly I may add.
For seven years I have patrolled city streets, fought giant monsters and saved the world. It's also the longest relationship i've had with anything.

Being able to live out your imagination in a comic book world is an extrordinary thing. It is something i'll always cherish.

I've made great characters that will not go away when the servers go dark. Agent Donnell was my first role-playing character I made for a supergroup. Even years after quitting that group I still rp'd as him. He grew and so did I.

Flarearine was created out of a horrible situation. Years ago, my father went into a diabetic coma. I was tasked with staying at home and by the phone. With nothing else to do at 3 a.m. I created a fire/fire blaster. She ended up being my main character.

I just checked. I spent an amazing 1,275 hours (53 days!) playing as Flarearine. Slightly depressing, but you can see how much she meant to me. I could always depend on kicking ass and taking names with her.

"City of Heroes" wasn't just a game for me. It was there for me when I was at my lowest. When I needed a moment of clarity or a simple distraction, it was there for me.

Sure, I may have saved the world from a giant blob monster. But, I think "City of Heroes" actually saved me.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Great Ideas Episode 2.2!

Daniel and Sasha are back and digging out of their haze!

This week, the disastrous duo discuss Ann Coulter's classy moves, Sasha's metamorphic God, cheeseburger filled donuts and how the brain keeps you from hating your life.... most the time.

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Great Ideas Season 2 Begins!

Season 2 of Great Ideas has begun and it's all over SoundCloud!

Sasha and Daniel are back to discuss Resident Evil, Kardashians, animal-controlled cities and the saddest rap battle you've ever heard!

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